Uzbekistan is ready to supply its products to the East Kazakhstan region

25 May 2017 - East-Kazakhstan Region

Interregional cooperation at the regional level is more effective

WorldSkills shygys started in EKR

03 April 2017 - East-Kazakhstan Region

Руководство ТОО «Промтехмонтаж»,  АО «Кэмонт»,  ТОО «Казцинк» уже второй год поддерживает проведение областного чемпионата, являясь его спонсорами

Igor Shatsky: it is easier for businessmen to get into space than to get a certificate for goods
29 March 2017 - East-Kazakhstan Region
Having great potential, local producers can’t enter the Chinese and...
The German experience for Kazakhstani enterprises
21 February 2017 - East-Kazakhstan Region
German Society for International Cooperation GIZ, with the assistance of...
Not everyone can become a tram driver
20 February 2017 - East-Kazakhstan Region
The Chamber of entrepreneurs raises the question of excessive demands...
How Akim oppresses a businessman
14 February 2017 - East-Kazakhstan Region
If not the obstacles created by the state official, now...
Cooperation helps farmers to survive
07 February 2017 - East-Kazakhstan Region
125 agricultural cooperatives were registered since the beginning of 2016...
Trout farm in the countryside
27 January 2017 - East-Kazakhstan Region
This month an entrepreneur Rustam Agadzhanian will start "fishing" at...
Staffing needs – is a common cause
17 January 2017 - East-Kazakhstan Region
RCE of EKR and Almaty region organized interregional cooperation in...
Inspections stifle the business
17 January 2017 - East-Kazakhstan Region
Requirements for entrepreneurs are often overwhelming, and at times absurd,...
Agrarians unite
04 January 2017 - East-Kazakhstan Region
12 agricultural cooperatives were created in Kokpekty district of East...
Honey from East Kazakhstan - to China
22 December 2016 - East-Kazakhstan Region
Beekeepers of Glubokovsk district are going to supply its products...
College students are at the forefront
14 December 2016 - East-Kazakhstan Region
19 students of universities and colleges of Ust-Kamenogorsk came to...
The Chamber of Entrepreneurs implemented know-how in detention centers
07 December 2016 - East-Kazakhstan Region
It is planned to increase the number of employed convicts...